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Sweet Innocense by forgetmelovelife Sweet Innocense :iconforgetmelovelife:forgetmelovelife 0 0 Hard to see by forgetmelovelife Hard to see :iconforgetmelovelife:forgetmelovelife 2 0 Imagine by forgetmelovelife Imagine :iconforgetmelovelife:forgetmelovelife 1 0 coloured world by forgetmelovelife coloured world :iconforgetmelovelife:forgetmelovelife 2 2
Believing Equals Hope
i like him and he tells me he likes me.
i just can't imagine him thinking of me the way i think of him.
We're nothing now, and my mind tells me it will always be that way.
My heart tells me to hope.
Hope isn't for the faint hearted.
Hope leads to pain.
I don't need any more of it.
Words are words, doesn't mean there true.
I want to believe.
But believing, is just another word for hope.
:iconforgetmelovelife:forgetmelovelife 1 3
The Worst Thing I'll Ever Do
I'll explain this one last time for you
because your the only right thing i do
then we really have to go
and please don't try and tell me no.
Right now i know we couls go anywhere
with all our time and the love we share
but right now i can barley look at you
as if your the worst thing i'll ever do.
Louder, Louder you'll here my voice
you'll listen as if you have a choice
i'll be right beside you dear
and for once we will conquer fear.
Louder, Louder, why don't you understand
you stupid bitch don't hold my hand
i'm sorry babe, i won't act that way
but only for a couple days.
I'm kidding girl, don't run for your life
oh what you think i'll use this knife
there are no resons to be afraid
i'm a guy i only wanted to get laid
oh baba i know you won't run
you know your my only one
your complete chaos at first sight
i need to have you one last night
you know the knife i said i wouldn't use
well i'll bring that and you bring booze
under your skin feels like home
and your laeg is now shattered b
:iconforgetmelovelife:forgetmelovelife 1 3
Captive Dreamers
the bottle in your palm, always a comfort
but your arms are shaking
and bruises cover your face
but you hardly notice the pain.
your words were a kick to the face
and a punch below the belt.
you left me battered and bruised
a dieing empty shell.
belief is no longer there
a mistake made isn't forgiven.
tears run free from a land
we're friends - remain that way.
words cover your hands
in attempts to remind you
of the pain you've caused,
and to cover the marks.
because maybe if i scar myself
so badly, that no one will ever want me,
then no one will have the chance
to ever hurt me again.
maybe we're all just
captive dreamers and
emotional wrecks without
a thought of purpose.
shading our hearts from the
mirrored lenses of those
who wish to hide the
fading colour in their eyes.
if given the chance to cut free
from the crowd, you one day might find
that you'll no longer see my eyes
lost in a sea of faces.
:iconforgetmelovelife:forgetmelovelife 11 13
Whisper Sweet Words To Me
you pulled me close and held me tighter
when i told you how unsure i was.
all you had to do was whisper sweet words of confidence;
you made me all too willing.
my memories began to fade with the placement of your hands
and they all but disappeared when your lips finally met.
trust was an issue, and i wanted to believe
that you would never hurt me.
but i've been hurt too many times before,
to believe it wouldn't happen again.
those sweet words you whispered to me
on that warm night in august,
still play in my head.
and i try and believe that they were true.
i'd tell myself you meant them - every single word,
all because i don't want to regret anything about you.
sometimes i wish that i could turn back time
and replay through that moment.
i wouldn't change much -
i would only forget about my worries and remember the good in it.
i would go back in time just to hear you whisper sweet words to me.
:iconforgetmelovelife:forgetmelovelife 0 0
my skin still tingles at the thought of you and me,
caught in a moment of total ecstacy
our lips touched in a playful exageration
that someone once called love.
i miss that feeling of being lost, but safe
when i started falling deeper into your eyes
no one can replace the time spent with you
nothing can compare how i felt.
i only wish now that there is some way
that i could place myself back into your heart before you leave.
when i think of the circumstances,
and the difference between you and m.
i can't think straight knowing it was an occasion;
not meant to happen again.
it makes me sad to think that i fell so easily for you,
all you had to do was whipser sweet words into my ear
and after that it was all too easy.
i still wish that i mean somethign more to you,
but in the end i guess i found out,
just how gullable i am.
:iconforgetmelovelife:forgetmelovelife 1 2
The Way
you'll never know,
the way you unknowingly have a hold on me
they way my heart stops and uncontrolably stutters
when you glane my way, even in the slightest way
the way i fall asleep easily to my sweet memories
the way i wish there was a way to make you stay.
i don't want you to go.
you'll never know,
the way i think about you all the time
the way i wish i could tell you
exactly how much you mean to me now
the way i continuously wonder if you've thought about me at all
the way i wonder whether or not
you're ashamed of your actions.
you'll never know,
the way your voice easily clears away my worries
the way your peaceful eyes and simple smile
constantly bring tears to my eyes
the way i spend my days writing things i hope you will read
the way even the simplest gestures
have a way of convincing me,
that it meant something to you.
:iconforgetmelovelife:forgetmelovelife 0 0
10 minutes
i sat outside in the cold today
i had hoped the breeze would numb my open wounds
i spend 10 minutes shiverinf
only to find my wounds run to deep to freeze with wind
i guess all i can say is i tried.
as i sat, wish the cold to sink deeper
my pocket was weighed down
with endless colour
the candy i shoved my face with
gave me mommentary spurts of comfort
i thought to myself if i keep eating
i'll never have to worrie again
that was until i pulled the last peice from my now empty pocket.
with that i realized, nothing lasts forever
but i'll have you know that
you took away what i held closest to my heart.
when saddness turns to anger
and anger turns to hate
theres not much left to salvage.
:iconforgetmelovelife:forgetmelovelife 2 2
Easier To Run
There’s no fighting back thoughts of what I wish to do,
The feeling of dangleing or falling through the air,
Nothing more than thoughts.
I think.
Give me a chance to explain my actions
And if you wait a second or more
You’ll see that I had the best interests in mind.
I guess my interests revolved around me.
Does that make me selfish?
I can’t explain my feelings.
My thoughts were once things that stayed locked in my mind
Till the day where I found , there are words attached to them.
And as I watched them slip away
I realized that I change when I’m with you.
I cannot understand why this means so much to you.
Or why it means so little.
I no longer know which one.
Does that make sense to you?
I’ll never understand,
How cold metal can call to me so much?
Or how my world simply disappears
And I’m stuck in darkness,
Wishing for you to come find me.
Now that I know that you never will.
Now that I know that I’ve pushed you away,
And I’ll never feel you ag
:iconforgetmelovelife:forgetmelovelife 1 0
smile your heart out by forgetmelovelife smile your heart out :iconforgetmelovelife:forgetmelovelife 1 0 blowing the time away by forgetmelovelife blowing the time away :iconforgetmelovelife:forgetmelovelife 1 0
No Matter
My thoughts
My feeling
all mean nothing to you
its clear to me
that i gave to much away
i'll tell you this
not tears were wasted
no words unwritten
during our moment in time
memories were made
though small they may be
laughs were given
though no reasons they had
tell me now
your reasons to forget
wisper your heart to me
i promise to keep it safe
as your memories of me fade
there is one thing left to say
no matter how far away
no matter the distance around us
no matter how hard you try
i'll remember
:iconforgetmelovelife:forgetmelovelife 0 3
Possesed by forgetmelovelife Possesed :iconforgetmelovelife:forgetmelovelife 0 0
given the time to show who you are, the people poor in, with a rush of sympathy, leave me alone, let me be...<3


to write love on her arms. by xxintention to write love on her arms. :iconxxintention:xxintention 35 7 the unsung by bailey--elizabeth the unsung :iconbailey--elizabeth:bailey--elizabeth 421 0 fluorescent by bailey--elizabeth fluorescent :iconbailey--elizabeth:bailey--elizabeth 1,124 0 death of the holidays by bailey--elizabeth death of the holidays :iconbailey--elizabeth:bailey--elizabeth 1,501 170 Trust me.. by bittersweetvenom Trust me.. :iconbittersweetvenom:bittersweetvenom 27 3 brothers. by bailey--elizabeth brothers. :iconbailey--elizabeth:bailey--elizabeth 862 206 ...FOLIAGE... by HannahChapman ...FOLIAGE... :iconhannahchapman:HannahChapman 862 115 love bug. by xxintention love bug. :iconxxintention:xxintention 22 3 WATER Fight by bittersweetvenom WATER Fight :iconbittersweetvenom:bittersweetvenom 130 12 taste the rainbow II by bailey--elizabeth taste the rainbow II :iconbailey--elizabeth:bailey--elizabeth 1,329 0 Suicidal Tendencies by xAgNO3x Suicidal Tendencies :iconxagno3x:xAgNO3x 4 0 butterflies in my head. by jchm butterflies in my head. :iconjchm:jchm 7 6 smother me. by bing-bam-boom smother me. :iconbing-bam-boom:bing-bam-boom 75 16 Ta Pa Field _2 by kietdc Ta Pa Field _2 :iconkietdc:kietdc 43 5 Alien by PorcelainPoet Alien :iconporcelainpoet:PorcelainPoet 1,513 134



kassandra mitchell
I wanna be someone else...

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~So i rarely use DA any more. which is kinda sad but i've just lost interest in everything exept the next time i'm getting high. Its kinda ridiculouse but i love it. But i hate it. I'n not really me anymore, maybe thats good, maybe its bad. I recently had a bit of a tramatic expreince. Lets just say this guy at my school, well he, tryed to take more than i was even close to giving. I've never been so scared. I told the cops, he has court on the 17th. But i'm paying a heck of a price for calling him out on what he did. I'm a very hated person right now. I don't feel safe anywhere because so many people want to hurt me for "ruining" his life. So I tryed to change the already disapearing me some more. I chopped all my long blonde curly hair off, really short, and died it black and dark brown. I can't say i hate it. But i sure don't like it. I've lost sight of who i was and who i wanted to be completely. So i started talking to an old friend again, lizzie. (xxintention) We're going to do a photo shoot next thursday, so those pics should be up on her page soon, if you wanna see the new me. What else is there to tell you? Uh, theres still a guy. Dylan Heska. I can honestly say i'm damn near in love with this guy. but he just withdrew from school and moved to the next town over. I hate how much i miss him, but i'm not going to lose him, i'm not giving up this time.  Well i think thats it. For anyone who cares, heres another update on my life.

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